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Datsun 240Z
By rjracin240, 05/09/2010
  • Year 1972
  • VIN # --
  • Nick Name Datzoom 240Z
  • Description Purchased from my friend Rich Pera of Daland Nissan Body shop's brother in law about 1992 in california. Flew out to S.SF topick it up and wait for my Z friend Elihu to fly out from Orlando. Spent a couple of days in the Bay Area checking out the old FAR performance etc, went down to Socal and checked out some places and stopped by an old friend Mark Jones at Datsun Alley. Then it was back home to Palm Harbor Fl Drove through to Texas on the first day, spent the night and then drove on to Fl. It was pretty uneventful, but what else would you expect from 20 year old ragged out Z. Elihu at the time was about 275+lb's and I am 6'2", had a perfect dash in the center of us some spare parts we had picked up along the way, and our baggage; twas a little tight in the Z. Great time and good memories of times spent with a friend (Elihu) and a new friend (Da Z)! Spent 4 years with the Z in Palm Harbor as a daily driver, then transferred to Puerto Rico (1996) with the COast Guard, brought the Z out there where I drove it as little as possible and kept it sprayed down as much as I could in all the potential rust spots to prevent rust. Transferred back to Florida to AirSta Miami, where it was a daily driver once again for a couple of years. Autocrossed it in Ft Myers with Gulfcoast Autocrossers and locally in the Miami area with Equippe Rapide and the local SCCA region. Also have a 92 Miata and a 70 510 so autocross duties are shared by the other cars. retired from the Coast Guard and moved to Middleburg Fl which is to the S.SW of Jacksonville in 2005. Bought a doublewide there in order to figure out if I would stay in the area or move eventually. Bought a container/Conex box for storage of the two cars, parts and tools. Unfortunately the car has not received much work/modifictions during this time period however that should be changing soon with the purchase of a new home with an area to work on the car.
  • Current Color Pee yella Puke green
  • Original Color --
  • Odometer --
  • Odometer Unit miles
  • Extras when Purchased WTF
  • Build Link --
  • Gallery Link --


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