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heads up on POR marine clean use


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I had just finished polishing my turbine mag wheel with buffing wheel and metal polish and wanted to be sure the the area between the "spokes" was free of dirt and polish. I am painting the rough casting part . I have some POR marine clean and used it full stringth on the casting with a tooth brush, after I rinsed the rim clean with the hose I found that the areas that the cleaner touched and splashed from the brush was dull and all the shine was gone to the point that it looks like milk has been spilled on the polished surfaces, I have tried POR Artisens polish and MAAS , and it helped some to polish away the fogged areas , I am going to need to use the buffing wheel again to get it right. I had no idea that the POR cleaner would etch the aluminum. I am just glad I dident use it on the engine !! This was Marine clean not the metal ready . The product works great for preping for paint and such , Just dont use it on polished aluminum ! Too late smart . Gary:stupid:

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