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poor reverse in auto trans


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I have very little reverse in my auto trans. I thought I read somewhere about a module going bad in the transmission that could cause this. I hate to have it rebuilt if this can fix it. And how would I know if this module is the problem?

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What model car do you have? Without that, it's hard to help. Also if you are in need of an auto tranny, I've got one from an 81 280zxt. I know ver little about it, but It worked well enough to pull the car on a trailer, off, and around in my yard before I pulled the engine. If you're interested e-mail me at [email protected]


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I have filled the fluid, but I did notice fluid coming out where the drive shaft fits into the tranny. Any way to test torque converter with tranny in the car?

James, If this is going to end up being a rebuild, I may be interested in that tranny offer from the 280zxt, if it will fit.

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