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Originally posted by RobertH

I am looking at a 72 240Z tomorow and owner said it has a factory sunroof. Was that an option on 70-73?



There are NO US market 240Z's that came from the factory with a sunroof. However, it is possible that the original owner purchased it from the dealer with a sunroof installed. 240Z's were so popular that demand easily outpaced the supply. So, many dealers added CRAP like sunroofs, stripes, side moldings, after-market airconditioning, and mag (aluminum) wheels as a way to raise the price (and profit margin) of the limited number of cars they had to sell.

These sunroofs often leaked badly, and many of the ones that didn't "leak", did allow rust to begin attacking the roof.

Be very careful purchasing a 240Z with a sunroof. Check inside and out for signs of rust and damage to the steel structure of the car. Also, by now, 30 years after install; repair parts including weather-seals for these sunroofs are virtually impossible to acquire as most of the manufacturers of the sunroofs have gone out of business.

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