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Removing the carbs?


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I was looking to remove my carburetors for a rebuild. I have a friend who can help me rebuild them and show me a few things about carbs. Only problem is I have to go to him to do so. Since my Z is not on the road yet, so I would remove the carbs for this.

I looked in the Haynes manual and they had no info on actually taking them out that I seen (granted I looked quick today before work). I was wondering if it was in the book "How to rebuild your OHC engine" or whatever the title is close to that. I am waiting for it to come in still to my local store on order.

So basicly I am wondering if it is not in there are there any other places you would reccomend looking to for removal or any of you have any input to add into this?


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Assuming you're talking about standard SU carbs there's really not much to it. As I recall the only tricky part is if you have the water line attached. In that case you may want to drain the coolant some first. As always just remember how (or take pictures) to get it back together properly.

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The book that you mentioned will tell you all about the ENGINE itself, but will not help you with the carbs. Get a Haynes manual and/or a Nissan FSM (Factory Service Manual)

Removing the carbs is fairly simple.

You drain the cooling system about half way, then disconnect:

the air cleaner housing

vac hose from the distributor

two fuel hoses

the throttle linkage operating rod

4 nuts & washers on each carb

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