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Cheap Muffler Performance, faster and cooler!


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This was a while back, but something I just wanted to share.

When I first got my Z, I was pretty enthused about bolting on stuff for added performance. At the time, my motor was mildly modified ( 40mm triple webers, Mallory distrib, motorsport headers, and 2 1'2 pipe from header back to muffler).

I used to drive my car pretty hard, up to the 6000+ redline (give or take a couple hundred). Afterwards, I noticed my muffler started to break the seam and the muffler shape was starting to bulge and deform. The muffler was part of the Motorsport kit which was a Dynomax muffler. It's design was not a S shape chamber but of a more primitive design, like a muffler stuffed with fibreglass with inlet/outlet tubes coming in from each side. The gas would have to enter the muffler through the inlet tube, travel through a bunch of small perforations, travel through the fiberglass and make its way through the exit tube with the same process. I replaced this with a Dynomax Super Turbo, with the S shaped chamber. To me, this makes a whole lot more sense with the ability of the gas to smoothly enter and exit without going through all these perforations.

The muffler had less backpressure, never split seams again, car ran faster and cooler!!!. Wow, this actually solved some of the car's overheating tendencies as well. All for $35 bucks..money well spent!

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