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Dash Out... What a Headache!!


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Thanks to the advice a few weeks ago, I've finally got the dash out and sitting on the garage floor...

:angry: I tell you, if I ever figure out who the previous owners (prior to the last owner were), their sure to hear a few choice words from me... :angry:

OK.. I can accept some wire connectors melting together (heck, their 32 years old), but butchered jury rigged cables are unexcusable...

We're not talking extra wires from accessories; why replace original wires with new wires without connectors and wrap them into the main harness with tape?!?

Ughh...Now to figure if I'm better off repairing the wiring mess when it comes time or just search for/install replacement wiring and fuse box (which should probably be upgraded anyhow).

I guess it's on to glass, hatch, hood and doors next...

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I looked a bit at the wiring mess that I have going on right now and figuring out what all the random switches and knobs people have added on are for. Some of them have been disconnected over the years and just left there to do nothing. So now it is my job to track them down and remove the non working ones that just look bad.


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