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Anyone busted through U-joints?


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Hey there! I have a 1976 280z and I had the U-joints on the outer ends of the halfshafts replaced a year and a half ago, and one day a few months ago, I was coming off of a huge on ramp into freeway traffic, and I was really gunning it. I heard a large clang and clunk from the rear. I thought it was a rock coming dislodged from a tire in the rear. Later on, I found out that the noise I heard was the U-joint basically exploding under the pressure/ centrifical force. I got it fixed though, so no worries, but I was amased after the fact how close I was to disaster. I can only imagine what kind of damage the halfshaft could do whirling around in the wheel well.

BTW, I also had to replace my drive shaft because the U-joints (non-replacable) on those went bad. That was fun. Has anyone else destroyed U-joints on their Z?

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I've busted up a couple of them. Did one in trying to take off too quickly and it lasted another 3km when it popped out and started bashing the well. It did no damage though as I was only in first gear when it happened. Learned how to change them which was good.

The seccond one happened in reverse. Don't ask me how but it must have been on it's last legs. It's still holding on though, just keeps making a loud cracking sound when I take off too fast. Had a bit of a problem with my battery yesterday and I had the local kids pushing my car trying to clutch start it. Well, on a couple of occasions it made a really loud crack but still held on. Go figure.

I'm giving up on the uni-joints and will convert them to CV's as soon as the cashflow allows it.

I really miss driving my car.:(

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hasn't happened to me BUT i have seen them. i got the short course in selection and alignment prodecure from kym at idaho z car.

he has a 170 mph '70 240 that has won nationals on the quarter mile.

his recommendation is the nissan part. they are substantially more expensive but the peace of mind is worth the investment.

when you replace the joints it is best to replace all of the joints. it is also essential to balance the drive shaft and the half shafts and align the transmission to differential to the shaft with a solid shaft prior to installation of new joints. the stress from ' out of round' turning increases failure dramatically.

i use a solid differential mount to reduce torque flex on the drive line as well. the increase in noise transfer is minimal, however, at certain speeds the harmonics do transfer throught the frame and rear end mounts to the interior.


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