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ignition help? or could it be something else...


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I am hoping someone may be able to give me a little guidance with the problem I am having. I installed the petronix ignition, some accel performance wires, splitfire plugs and a flamethrower coil. Well since then the car has been running terrible, the exhaust ihas a dark color to it, ALL the plugs have been fouling up incredibly fast. And there have been some backfires at the carbs. I left the condensor near the coil on there, the petronix manual said it should be fine for every day driving. I checked the timing which seemed to be ok. If I remove the condensor what do I do with some of the other wires attached to it, such as the green and white one. If there are any questions I could awnser that may explain the situation better please ask me, I am in a tough spot here.


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