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Generally, cheaper HVLP guns are used for priming, and the more expensive are used for finish paint. Most painters like to use a different gun for each color. So they use the cheaper one for primer since the primer gets a lot of workover anyway.

But do not think that a cheap gun could not be used for a decent finish spray. Some painters will tell you that some $99 HVLP guns are as good as a $500 gun. Of course full time, experienced painters could probably use a spray bomb and make it look good.

Look at this site:


Read the Body and Paint sections. Very good comments to learn from.

Good Luck

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Just be aware that HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure.

Doesn't sound bad, until you consider that most good HVLP systems include their own air source. A standard home compressor won't be able to keep up with the gun.

Now, I don't have or use an HVLP, so I am not sure if the above is urban legend or fact. I still use the older style DeVilbiss and Binks guns. They're high pressure, but my compressor can keep up with them.



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