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headliner removal


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Can't find a thread for headliner removal. car is shelled less. this and windshield. Can someone please give me the steps to accomplish this. Also I need to know where the best place to buy replacement panels. need floors and rails, inner rockers and part of the tranny hump. please advise. Donny

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The headliner on a 240z is just glued to the roof pannel, and can be peeled off if you can get it started. Its hard to get out from under the chassis frame.

The Liner on the frame however is a different matter. It cant be removed without taking out your front windscreen, as it is glued on under the window seal.

After you take out the window, and door frame seals, you peel it away from the seal frame part toward the center of the car. Then when you look under the liner, there is a strip of plastic/metal edging stuff (like the stuff around the door frame) that holdes the liner in place.

Why are you removing the liner? Are yo repainting the car? Might be easier to just mask the liner with tape and paper if you dont want to go to all this trouble.

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Appreciate your reply,

I took the windshield out today and probably will do as you suggest as the headliner is still in good shape. Plan on having the shell sandblasted in/out and building back up. there is extensive rust from the floorpans to the firewall and all of this will need replaced. rails still in moderate shape and the seatmounts in good shape. will probably need to go up the tranny hump 4-6 inches. Outer rockers are in better shape than inners. Car was originally yellow and second or possibly first owner painted black. Going back with Silver ext and black interior. Anyone out there can suggest again where to purchase replacement panels, most appreciated. Donny

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