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strut no longer strutting?


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on the way home i kind of had a hard stop( was gonna run the light before it got all the way red, but a cop was at the intersection :stupid: )

anyway neat turn i feel a wobble wobble,.and then it kinda feels like I have a flat, I get out and look and it all looks fone but when i get home I notice that my front passenger strut seems to not have any bounce, it goes down okay and will come back to ride hieght but its like it has no spring to it.

bad strut??????

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I might not be completely correct on this but I believe the struts or shocks are there to dampen the spring action of the spring. If you didn't have a shock then the car would bounce like a basketball. Do a little test to see if your shocks are gone. Push down on the car just above the wheel. Get it to start bouncing up and down. If the car continues to bounce even after you stop then most likely the shock is gone. But if it stops imediately after you stop then you might have another problem.

Hope this helps

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heres the odd thing,..

I knew I needed struts, when ya bounced the car it rebounded like 3 times( ever seen uncle buck?)

Since i made the last post the driver side now does the same thing, ya push down hard and it comes up once and stops, very stiff like a new shock. Now when I hit my brakes I no longer nosedive ( as badly) the rear struts on the other hand are quite springy,..

I think things are breakin loose and starting to work, my gas gauge now works and so does my odometer ( no help from me, just started working)

I guess thats part of dealing with a car that was parked for 4 years

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