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new z for me just needs some help

the Z guy

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i just bought my second z its a 76 280 2+2.. my other z has a chevy in it so its not "real z" some may think...but anyway it has from what i know 32,000 miles but there is know way of telling i looked it up in the dmv recordes and its seems correct but lets assume for now 132,000.. well it smokes a little at just above idle(which by the way is just over 1000rpm. is this correct? i know how to adjust it but it seems like 700rpm is too low almost sounds like its gonna die at 700 ) what is it cause i have no clue.. is it blow by? it has a little lifter tappet click which oil could mabey coming outta that exhaust valve ? does anyone know if it will pass smog in ca? with it burning a little oil? please let me know..and what else should i look at in this recently aquired car ?

and the past owner plugged up the z circulation holes (the ones behind the little second window)...how do i access these from the back? thanks a lot!!!!

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