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Driving a 1977 Z across the country


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Back in the early 1970s I had a great time hitchhiking across the country several times. Now I’m grown up (53), and I’d like to try something similar, only different: I’m going to drive my 1977 Z across the country in a couple of weeks (basically I-80 from California to New York), and I like to meet a cross-section of the Z-Car community on my drive. I’m looking for three kinds of participation (Two: “for sure,” and the other: “for I sure hope not”).

The 1st “ for sure” is a, “let’s have lunch,” for any of you who live midway between my planned stops.

My 2nd “for sure,” is a chance for a little car-talk and a need for accommodations for one night, (anything from a couch to throw a sleeping bag on up) in any of the following areas (except stops 2 and 6).

Start: Los Gatos, CA

1st stop (between Elko NV and Wendover NV)

2nd Stop - Logan UT (to see my wife’s sister and brother-in-law).

3rd Stop (between Cheyenne WY and Pine Bluffs WY)

4th Stop (between Omaha NB and Des Moines IO)

5th Stop (between Toledo OH and Cleveland OH)

6th Stop – Downington, PA (to see my best friend from Graduate School)

Back Home – Wakefield RI

So, if you can have lunch or could possibility put me up (or is that put up with me?) for one night any of those areas (or close to them) please e-mail me at [email protected] and we’ll open a conversation.

If this works out I’ll post my log and the pictures of the tip on the web.


Phil Sharkey

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Interesting timing. I just moved from Vandenberg AFB (Santa Maria, CA area) to Omaha NE myself. Unfortunately, I trailered the Z instead of driving it. Bummer, because it's not that bad a drive.

I still haven't moved into my place yet. Haven't been able to assess the Z scene here yet either. I've seen a few Z31s driving around, but nothing too exciting.

Anyway, regarding your 3rd stop...stop in Cheyenne ! It only takes 45 minutes to get from Cheyenne to Pine Bluffs, and there is NOTHING in between except for a few gas stations and a SHITLOAD of tumbleweeds.

There is not much of a Z scene in Cheyenne..I just spent 2 days in Cheyenne..saw a 76 driving around town that was in BAD shape rust wise. Winters are pretty tough there.

there is a Holiday Inn right there off I-80. If you're looking for a good place to eat/drink, try a place called SANFORD'S. it's downtown on 17th.

the ride from Cheyenne to Omaha will be fun. Lots of high wind areas. When you get into Nebraska on I-80, look off to the fenced area on the right at Exit 29 in Dix. That is K-11, one of the nuclear missiles I used to be responsible for when I was stationed in Cheyenne a few years back. Exit 59 is the world famous Cabelas. If you're into hunting/fishing, then stopping there is a MUST.

Enjoy your trip !

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