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240Z in Houston


What is the most important area to look when judging a project car candidate?  

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  1. 1. What is the most important area to look when judging a project car candidate?

    • Body (i.e. rust, dings, etc.)
    • Electrical system
    • Engine
    • Interior
    • Other (you tell me!)

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Had an '86 300ZX until kids came along. Fun car, but a bit heavy. I've been browsing the 240's on the e-market, and I'm getting obsessed. I want a project car, but don't have much of a budget right now. They're beautiful cars, and I can't see living without one!

I'm interested to see what's available in the Houston area. Too many West Coast cars on eBay. Reading horror stories about not getting what's advertised makes me very leery about buying sight unseen (or believing what I see in pix). Hope this proves to be a more efficient way of finding something close by. I'm spending too much time watching auctions that spiral out of my price range, and are too far away to boot.....

If anyone has a lead on something, would appreciate a note.

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Saw the one in Dallas, actually bookmarked it to watch the auction. It went out of my price range for a project....I'd need to sell my truck and drive the Z to justify that much right now.......hmmmm.....now there's an idea.:D

Thanks for the leads on the other organizations, Mushu. Where was the Z Graveyard you had pix of?

MPerdue: if I may ask, how much was that rotisserie? Pretty slick. Didn't sound too safe getting on there. Seems like it ought to be possible to add in a hydraulic jack and make it adjustable in height.

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