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My number three piston committed suicide, so I got to tear the whole engine apart for a rebuild. I got the head done (along with everything else), got things going back together but the cam looks a little advanced. Not more than a tooth. I did the whole TDC and shiny link thing so I assume it's right, but it just doesn't look right. I turned the engine by hand, nothing hits anything else. I'm not far enough along to see if it will fire ( just need cap, wires and plugs) Gettin' kinda nervous about cranking the starter without knowing if things are in time. I am not looking forward to tearing the front of the engine off again. Anyway, does anyone know how the lobes (#1 ) should sit at TDC? My exhaust lobe sits even and the intake is at about 10 o'clock. Where should the dowel in the front of the cam be? Straight up? A little to one side or the other? Btw The cam gear is set to no. three hole. This chain only had 25,000 miles on it, so I used it again, just put in new guides. Any ideas?..............anyone??


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