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Cam Assembly Lube


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I was asked again today what kind of assembly lube should be used when installing a new cam. So I thought I would pass this along since I see a lot of questions regarding cam installation.

First, if its a new cam, always use the manufactures recomended lube. But if you have a cam, and have no lube, pick up a small can or tube of cam assembly lube from your local hotrod shop. This is usually a mixture of high pressure lube and Molybdenum Disulfide,

or abbreveated as Mos2. Wipe this on the lobes and rocker contact pads. Use regular engine assembly lube, or engine oil on the journals. Additionally, a product marketed by GM called EOS (engine oil supplement) part# 1052367 should be added to the crankcase. Change oil after after no more than 500 mi. as this is strictly a break in additive. It is an excellent product I have used for over 25 years. Your local Chevy Parts dept. should have it on the shelf. And remember, new cam new rockers. If its a performance cam, check the contact pad wipe pattern, a tube of Prussian Blue marking compound (from NAPA) is helpfull here, and center it by adjusting lash pad thickness.


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