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1974 260Z 85% restored and runs great. Manny mods


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1974 260Z (6/74) Drives solid and is fast. Lowered supension, stiff and handles great. Rebuilt 2.6, built to last and enjoy for a long time.

You'll have to come and check this car out for your self. Youll love the engine...great potential for a show car!


I was going to paint the car with a nice paint job, but decided to go with the Satin Black look for now (cheaper)

Then, I decided to sell the car because I bought a new car...need to re-coup. The car has been well maintained and I'm the second owner (technically third). I should say I'm the "second driver"

As the car sits right now; the windows, doors, front fenders, hood and rear hatch are off the car. I have most of the gaskets needed (still needs a rear hatch gasket).

I'm planning on having the car back together and in good driving condition by Feb 19th. I'll take offers the way it sits plus all the extra parts I have.

Here are the details:

Faded Gold (will be Satin Black) 1974 260Z w/240z front & rear bumpers

.New rebuilt 260 engine...done extremely well...no bull. just under 5000 miles only.

-Balanced and polished crank - done at Ashland Polishing & Grinding.

-Elgin ground cam

-Head redone: Valves, valve seats and shaved.

-Rebuilt Su carbs (floats, needles and nozzles) Shafts are tight. 3 screw top.

-K&N filter in original 260z air cleaner (has adapters)

-Rebuilt 3 row Radiator....no more than 8000k on it.

-Engine bay and many parts were cleaned and painted. Engine bay was professionally painted hammered metalic silver.

-2.5" exhaust all the way back to a "temporary Turbo" muffler...I used to have a FlowMaster, but it was way too loud inside, outside sounded like a built up Chevy small block at idle. Dent just to the right of the exhaust cut-out

This car pulls nice, very responsive.

-Body is rust free and straight ...has just a couple of minor dings, dime size rust spots (front window seal where the window sprayers squirt) left side, inside rear hatch quarter size ...these are in the process of getting taken care of.

-Interior is in great shape.

-Headliner, pillars, carpet, center console, arm rests are excellent.

-Door panels are OK, they have holes cut into them for speakers...no stereo at this time.

-Dash is cracked...as usual, seats are cracking. No stereo. Have fabric dash cover that covers nicely.

-Rear carpet is getting old, but is still presentable. All vinyl is in great shape.

-New door seals, hatch seal and front & back window seals.

-Front and rear windows are newer. Small rock ding on front windshield. Should be able to be repaired.


KYB struts all around. Suspension Techniques 1.5" lowered springs (looks more like 2"...and it looks GOOD)

Energy urethane bushings on car;

Moustache Bar

Front/Rear sway bars

Front tie rods

Rear diff was done with new Nissan diff mount. and steel plate.

-This car feels nice and tight with minimal body roll.

All it needs is 16" wheels with good tires.

I have 14" original "optional" webbed aluminum rims on there right now, but needs new tires.

Rebuilt 4 speed with dual friction clutch.

Other Good stuff:

MOMO contoured leather steering wheel ($345 new). I have the original steering wheel as well..in really good condition. It was re-wrapped at one time.

R200 rear end....I think it is a 3.90?? I'ts been a long time since I checked it.

Upcomming Needs & Precautions:

-U-joints will need replaing

-Tranny and Diff fluids

-Cooling Flush

-Heater core seems to be fine, but there may be some hoses that may need to be changed ..I changed one of them that needed it, but the others seemed fine. It would probably be ge a good thingto change the whole core...not sure if these last a long time on Z's.

-needs better performance tires on it (14 x 7's)

Email me for Questions/Offers. No pics just yet, but soon


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