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What are the odds?


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In 1988 my wife worked witha girl that had a new '88 maxima.She broke the antenna off in a carwash.I got the part from nissian and she paid my wife.She was to get together with me for the replacement.She then had a leak at the windshield and tried to fix it with black silicone.Ugly looking job.She then left the job and we didnt hear from her again.Now here it is 2003 and a friend comes over last night and wants to show me the maxima he bought to drive while redoing his 240.Its not bad he says except someone did an ugly job trying to repair a windshield leak.I bet the antenna is broken I said.How did you know he replied?'Cause I have the replacement mast in my toolbox!!!The repair that was started in 1988 was completed last night.Small world huh?What are the odds?

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