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ignition of 260z--problems with tacho


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I only just put electric ignition on my 260z today...(It was points)

Basicly I used a 2.4l dizzy(off a 80's skyline) and a "procomp" ignition box- it converts the magnetic pulse from the dizzy to a signal that works the coil and a new epoxy type coil.

It works great ie starts easier, revs quicker, nice steady idle..

BUT.. the tacho works ok at idle BUT at around 3500-4000 it goes nuts and jumps around -jump to 2000 and flicks around everywhere.

It used to work with the points setup.

I read some where that a 280z tacho would work BUT I'am in Australia and no 280zs here!

any ideas??

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It may have worked fine before but I don't think it's anything to do with the new setup. Well it could be you've disturbed it or may be running a bit more power through it but 260z tachs are notorious for playing games.

The 240z ones were a bit different cause they were made by a different company. If you go to a wrecker you might find an alright one but usually they'll give up again.

Try find someone who can rebuild them for you or you may just have to replace it's guts and use the 260z tach face and needle.

I had a 260z and the tach never worked, a friend of mine gave up and bought a autometer one.

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The 280Z was sold only in the US. It replaced the 260Z because of the emission control. If you are in Australia, then the 260Z you have would have alot of the same parts. The 280Z was fuel injected so it could be regulated easier for emissions.


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