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I've been having a problem tring to start my z. The guy I bought if from did some weird wirering modafication to it, but I'm not getting spark to the coil. I wasn't sure if there might be a fuseable link or relay, so I messed with s of the wires and fuses and noting inthe whole is geting power.Can anyone help me ?


Jason 73'240-Z

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Have no fear, your toubles have only just begun. I have a '73 240z. It was manufactured in 11/72. The wiring in the car is the "late model S30 series USA". You can abtain a copy of the wiring diagram for this series in most aftermarket repair manuals. If you go to purchase a manual, I would recommend the "Haynes" manuals over the "Chilton" manuals.

Moving on... The first thing you need to do is to identify any modifications in wiring, especially deviations of the factory connectors from your ignition switch on the steering column to the main wiring harness that passes though the firewall. Hopefully, all the factory switching and connertors are stock. If they are not, consult an expert to sort out the wiring, unless you are an Ohmeter guru.

Lets talk about the ingition wiring first. There is a common point of confusion where the ignition wiring meets the coil and resistor. It is well founded confusion.There are two black with a white strip wires that come out of the harness where the resistor and coil are mounted on the inside fender wall. The Nipon masters of identification decided to put a sheath on one of the wires, I have always assumed for identification purposes. I could be wrong. Hopefully, that black sheath is still on the wire in your care because that is the black with white striped wire that goes to the resistor. It is connected directly to your ignition switch. The other black with white striped wire goes to the positive terminal on the ignition coil. That wire is connected to your tachometer. If you do not have a sheath, use a continuity check with an ohmeter to distinquish the correct wires. The other terminal on your resistor should have a green with a white stripe wire that comes directly from you ignition switch and has a junction that goie to the tach.

Now, if your battery is charged, your starter is correctly connect(which does have a fusable link)and your voltage regulator is properly functionng and there are no wiring discrepencies in that system you should have spark from your coil wire that connects to the distributor.

One more thing. The black/white wire from the ignition that goes directly to the resistor has a junction that proceeds to the fuse box on the console. It takes a 20 amp fuse.

If you do not have spark, check the integrity of wires with an ohmeter and check your battery, starter, voltage regulator system. Basic common sense will follow the spark...

Good luck and let us know...


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