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Urgent: Z32 300ZX bin file needed


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Originally posted by Datto-Zed

I know this is a long shot, but does anyone have a bin file for an 89 300ZX TT auto? Oh yes....and preferably jap spec. :)

Hmmm . . . I've never heard of an 89 TT. Did you mean a Z31T (84-89) or a Z32TT (90-96), or did Australia get something we didn't? You guys seem to have everything over there. :) I can shoot you a link for the specs. on both, if you want. I'm not sure what your referring to as a "bin file" though -- never heard that before. Is that the VIN/production info.?

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The japanese got the Z32's in 89. The yanks didn't get them till 90 it seems. This one was imported from japan.

The bin file contains the contents of the eeprom on your ECU. It's what tells your motor how to run. It contains all the fuel maps, ignition maps, limiters and heaps of others.

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