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Solid state V. regulator


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Hi guys,

My old battery was boiling out acid. It's been replaced with a new one and the same thing is happening. My volt meter is also jumping and the lights brighten up when i rev the car. Im now looking at the VR. It doesn't look like the original type which was mechanical. It's the solid state type as shown on the attached pic. I can't see any fried wires or corrosion (unless it's right inside) so im assuming the vr is ok. But i would like to do a test but i don't have a clue where to start. Can you guys please give me some guideline on how to test these, there's a black, green, red, blue, white, and yellow wires. The Haynes manual is pretty much no help because they talk about the original VR and the wiring colour is different.

Also, the white round object on the pic can be rotated. I thingk these is some sort of adjustment?


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The standard 240 problem is the white wire although it looks good in that multi connector that the VR attaches is not making good connection.For a test you could run a jumper around the multi-connector.If not the trouble,I would replace the vr.You're in the right area.

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Well there is some white acid around the female multiconnector where the white wire plugs into. I'll give that a go.

Does anyone know the purpose of the circular adjustment?

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