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Rumble noise in the back end

Dan Reed

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Whoa. I didn't know this rumbling noise was so common. I have a 73 240Z and also have this rumbling noise that occurs, but only at times. My suspension is lowered (about a 4" clearance off the road), so I was always told by mechanics that the angle between the U-joints to the driveshaft/differential is the culprit (because the car is lower than stock). The rumbling on mine however, occurs only at times, which I have no idea why and it can drive me nuts. I do notice that it is most prominant on my Z between the speeds of 50 to 65 mph. So I just cruise between 70+ mph whenever I can. My car just purrs over 70+. However, the officers never believe me when I have to explain this to them.


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I am having my struts replaced next week - scheduled with the Z-Man at `Z-Specialies' in Clearview WA to do the work. I will also him take a look at what you recommended regarding the U-Joints and mounts.

Thanks for your reply.


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