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good Interior paint and dyes


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Please add to this request, the following:

Do you know of white colored dye that would work on the enterior quilted vinyl of my 72 Z??

Evidently the glue has come through and given a brown stain to the trans tunnel cover. Lots of spots/splotches.

What ever I use must be a good match and hold up for years. This is the original interior.


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Check out KRYLON paints. (there are probably many companies that have similar products) They have a wide selection to choose from and have recently come out with a new paint for plastics. Spend a little time searching the net and you should be able to find exactly what you need for your application.

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go to any auto paint store and look for thier vinyl paint.. they have tons of colors to match your interior or they can also mix colors to any color you wish.. they also have the promer for it too.. thats what i used when i re did mu interior...


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I used SEM on my interior and the results where awesome! There is also a Vinyl top paint that i used on my headliner that made it look brand spankin new. It was applied with a foam brush and i could not believe how good the results were. Good luck.

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