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MSA A/C kit for sale


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Well I have made the choice to change careers. I am taking a $54,000 pay cut but I am hoping the change is for the best. With that said, I have...

1 MSA R-134A a/c Kit for sale. It is the full monty! It includes all warranty and paperwork. It is still in the box and it is 5 months old. It can be seen here...


Thanks for looking.


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Hey Now!

I know I posted that I was taking a $54,000 pay cut to get some fun out of life. LOL

The reserve is set high for now and I will watch the auction to see if I need to lower it. The reserve is currently set to $750.00.

I don't mind if I needed to meet someone close to me or in the DFW metroplex as that is where I currently work to drop off instead of shipping.

I actually got beat up by MSA on this deal and wouln't recommend them to anyone. When I ordered the unit, they told me it would take 2 weeks to process and drop ship the item. 4 weeks later no package so I called and talked to a young rep. He said that the item was back ordered at the vendor site and would be available in 2 weeks. Well all and all it took 2 1/2 months to get the unit in and MSA charged my card an for an increase in the unit price and shipping. I was charged $779.99 for the system and then charged another $49.00 for the increase in the unit price from the vendor and on top of that charged an another $25.00 for shipping fees.

I was very disappointed and contacted MSA. They told me when I received the box to just contact them and they would issue me a RMA# and it would take 2 weeks to refund my money on the card.

Just an bad exp. all around.


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It looks pretty much like the same kit! They mention some of the parts that aren't showing. It really looks identical to me!

See now I have to go and lower my reserve :(

And the Z love hate relationship continues....

Freakin Foreign Tin Can! :o Doh did I say that a loud!


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Well maybe there is a saving grace!

I found this out just now...

The proposed replacement technology--is it

>R134 or R143 or somesuch--is going to be phased out in a few years

>with no prospects of a "drop-in" there either.

There WERE quite a few viable DROP-IN or "near" drop-in alternatives

developed for automotive A/C.. The auto industry and MACS managed to

get them all banned or boycotted onto the shelf.

Only the auto industry "requested" R-134a is allowed or marketed now.

So it looks as though there is a difference between the R134 and the R134A. Here is the link to the site...


Thus the cost difference as noted in the MSA book.

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