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Cars Wanted: WANTED: '76 280Z in 305 blue over black int


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WANTED: '76 280Z in 305 blue over black int

I'm looking for a 1976 280Z in 305 blue with black interior.  

Prefer the following:

  • All stock (or nearly stock)
  • Original 305 light blue metallic paint
  • Black interior with original seats
  • Accident free history
  • Rust free or very very little body and frame rust
  • Crack free dash (no dash covers)
  • Below 70K miles
  • 2 seats only
  • Standard tranny
  • May consider a 75, 77 or 78.  

Pricing commensurate with specs and the cars overall condition.  I'm not looking for a show queen.  I can do mechanical/electrical work but not body work.  It would be nice if I could drive it back to upstate New York state without issue as opposed to having it shipped.  I realize this may be a tough order to fill but this is my preference, lets see what you have.  I'm ready to buy the right car now.  The pic I posted is a '76 280 I bought new in '76, growing family forced its sale, shrunken family now requests another :-)

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