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Parts for Sale: SU Needle Pairs: sets of "SM" , "SB" and "SP" needles $15/Pair


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SU Needle Pairs: sets of "SM" , "SB" and "SP" needles $15/Pair

I am finally getting around to selling some extra "New" parts from my SU Carb conversion.  I bought a variety of SU Needles and have these left over.  Shipping cost will be added to purchase price.  I'll calculate based on your zipcode.  $15 per Pair of Needles plus shipping ....  

After trying a variety of Needle profiles... I went with "SL" needles which was the closest to the original N27.  You can see the profile of this needle on my pdf attachment ..  

My engine is a stock L24, MSD 6A box, MSD Breakerless Disty and Mallory ProMaster 40kV Coil so my spark is great.   Have my NGK BP6ES plugs gaped to 0.062”.  Timing set at 13 BTDC @850rpm and 39.5 BTBC @3500rpm (fully advanced).   I run 87 octane unleaded (with up to 10% ethanol) and get about ~28MPG highway with great acceleration.

These Needle sets are a little richer at the higher RPMS .. which may be great for your tuning and engine configuration.  "SM" came with my Ztherapy Carbs , but I needed to go slightly leaner for Mid Range to Top Speed RPMs ..  

Any questions ... please inquire.  

Many thanks, Mark.  

SU Needle profiles vs N27 Stock.pdf SU Needle charts pp 47 to 49.pdf

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