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drive shaft yoke


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i got an R200 LSD(86 300zx turbo) the other day (this time it is the correct R200). it does not have a drive shaft connected to it. According to the paragraph below i need a different drive shaft to install it to a 72 240z. from what car will i get this drive shaft. i have the original 4 spd in front.



the paragraph below is taken from another z-page, i just dont know which one. i been to a lot of z sites this morning.

The input flange is another story however. You either have to change your drive shaft yoke to match the input shaft on the differential, or you have to change the input shaft on the differential to match the yoke on your stock drive shaft. Most people suggest that this is a job for a professional rear end shop. Because the internal parts to the rear end have to be removed and then reinstalled. (not something you want to mess up on).

i read from another site that the flange can be remove and replace. it just that it did not specify where the new flange is coming from. is the flange of a r200 lsd be replace by a flange from an R180?

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