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Hi All,

I'm new here. I bought a GS31 fairlady z 2+2. Manufacture 1977. I need some info about the engine. It's an L20, 1998cc, 130PS/6000rpm, 2605mm. Fuel injection. On the block written there is E30. 

What type of engine is it?  Is just an L20? Or an L20e?

Any info about upgrades? I'm not expecting a 300bhp car. But just enough to have some fun.

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The e in the engine designation is for electronic fuel injection, so the engine is an L20e. As far as power goals, you need to establish your hp goals, driveability goals, and budget. Best bang for the buck will be to swap in an L28e from a 280zx, look for f54 block / p79 head combo. Realistically any L series engine will work, but those will give you a good starting point from stock. It will take a lot of work and money to make the L20 output the same as the stock L28. The more labor you can do yourself, the less this will cost you.

I wanted to build up an L20 years ago, but looking at the costs involved, I just went with the L28. If you want to keep the stock engine in there, then put a performance exhaust and intake on there, and enjoy the new sounds of the engine on top of the added 6hp.

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I’m not sure where you’re located, but in the US they’re dime a dozen. Can’t speak for other countries. 

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