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Parts for Sale: ZTherapy 4Screw SU's , E46 Manifold & Balance Tube , Linkages , Insulators - Complete Assembly

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ZTherapy 4Screw SU's , E46 Manifold & Balance Tube , Linkages , Insulators - Complete Assembly

Hello everyone, I have decided to sell this Newly ZTherapy Refurbished complete 4Screw SU Assembly.  These are extra SU carbs, as I have a Ztherapy set installed and they are rock solid... absolute best investment ever! 🙂

Asking $1000 for entire set (w/o heat shield), OBO plus shipping. (I have about $1900 into everything , but recognize this would not be reasonable)

Ebay listing $950 + Shipping:  https://www.ebay.com/itm/DATSUN-FAIRLADY-CARBURETTORS/254345374954?hash=item3b382a6cea:g:DdIAAOSwrY1daR-1

This complete set consists of: 

- Two(2) New ZTherapy Refurbished 4screw Round Top SUs with Fuel Bowl Drain Plug. (Includes Banjo Fittings & Tubes for Real-time Fuel Bowl height calibration).  I had these completely refurbished by ZTherapy and have not installed or use them(See rebuild sheets from ZTherapy).  They have SM needles installed.    Includes a Full CD set for SU Tuning.

- Completed linkage kit with Springs Refurbished

- E46 Intake Manifold with Balance Tube Refurbished

- Insulators / Gaskets & Fuel Hoses. 

Everything in pics for sale Except Heat Shield - sold that already. 

If interested , contact Mark via private message or text (507-208-0140).










4Screw Roundtop SUs & Assembly (1).jpg

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