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G Nose/overfender question?


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The original Factory colour was a metallic Gunmetal Grey.

BMW used to have a stock colour called 'Anthracite' which is just about perfect.

I got a small bottle of touch-up paint from a fellow ZG owner in Japan, and he had it mixed to match his Factory paint on the lower panel. Its an almost perfect match to the BMW Anthracite.

Almost any dark metallic grey colour is going to look OK. They were never black from the Factory.

Alan T.

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That looks much too dark to me.

You need to be aiming for a mid to dark gunmetal grey metallic. I don't know what cars you would have locally that I could point the colour out from ( I live in London, England ), so its a bit difficult!

Its definitely better to err on the grey side rather than have it too dark, in my opinion. However, some Japanese replica ZG's can be seen with darker shades of metallic grey. I notice that the owners of white ZG replicas in particular sometimes seem to go for either a darker or lighter shade than the original Factory colour.

Have a look at the pictures of my Factory ZG in my Gallery. I think there are some pics in there that will give you a good clue to the correct shade if you blow them up a bit.

Good luck,

Alan T.

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