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Hi every one here in tasmania we have three road events a year you would have all heard of Targa Tasmania 6 days of pure racing on normal roads

The next event is Rally Tasmania three days of pure racing on tassie roads

and The Challenge which is held over the first weekend in November starting on the friday with check in and then 3 days of hillclimbs motorKhanas and lap sprints around Symnons plains and navigation sections very similar to Grand Prix rally or Indy Rally

This is a great event usually 50 to 60 cars Just under $1000 entry need only basic cams licence harnesses and helmets and what ever car you like dont need roll cages

Great starting event to prepare you for rallying or targa lot of fun

Has been won by a Turbo gemini Elfin clubman Wrx

Last Time i placed 5th in my Rx4 so the handicapping is very well balanced would luv to see some more Zeds in the running and with the two ferries running now cheap for you people on the big island to come down message me if you would like any details

Regads MicK

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www site maybe?

Why not enter the details into the coming events thread

Sounds like a great clubbie, the government is doing heaps to get Vic clubs to run events on the other side of the pond, unfortunately it runs to close to the Alpine and Rally of Melbourne.

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