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L24 engine

Al Squillante

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I haave a 19771 240 which I put in storage(my garage) 16 years ago. I ran it a few times a year and recently decided to put it on the road. This time it wouldnt start and after a new fuel pump and cleaning the carbs I got it running like new. Put it in the garage that night and the next morning it wouldnt start. Two valves hung up and I decided to pull the head. I brought it to a friend of mine to rebuuild and the head was to out of flat to machine it. He sent it to a place in Canada where they reheat treated and brought the head in to spec. The head is like new and I am ready to install it. The queastion I have is do I treat the head gasket with anything before I bolt it up. There seems to be some disagreement in how to treat the head gasket.



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I have always installed head gaskets dry; in all the cars that I have worked on. Just make sure you have a high quality gasket and torque the head down propery. And don't forget to re torque after 500 miles; those pesky bolts will take more torque to get back to spec after a few heat and cool cycles.

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