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Free Z?


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Hi All,

My brother-in-law has a 240 that he has offered to me for free if I will come and get it. It is a '72 with an automatic. He left it with me for awhile about 6 years ago when he was still in the army and shipped out overseas. I did a lot of work on it for him as he is not mechanically inclined. I was a member of this club back in the 90's and still have a membership in the IZCC. I am actually debating whether or not I want the car back. He says he has been driving it regularly for the last year, but I'm sure it will need BooCoo's of work. Doors are rusted, needs new floors, hatch rusted, etc. When I had it before it had lots of problems like American nuts and bolts forced onto Metric fasteners (Had to replace studs in downtube of exhaust manifold), had too long bolts inserted in manifold to head, broken studs on manifold to head, American nuts forced on studs to hold manifold to head (spent a turkey day weekend repairing that one - the broken stud up by the firewall was a b!tch to get out), lots of jury rigging (ie - he lost the bolts to hold the voltage regulator on the fender so he drilled new holes in the fender and used sheetmetal screws to attach it), etc. Are there any members here in Huntsville, AL? I've been thinking of getting a Z since the kid is now 6 and doesn't require as much attention. Anybody around my neck of the woods?

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