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Richard McDonel

Rear bumper guards

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I had the bumpers and bumper guards for my '71 Series 2 chromed, and everything looks nice and shiny.  Ordered the front and rear rubber caps, and everything fits, except the rubber on the rear guards.  My rear bumper guards have three mounting holes for the rubber;  the caps Z-Car Source sent me have four studs each.  I called them and all they were able to tell me  was that  four-stud is all they have or can get.  I went on MSA's site  and their part photo clearly shows four-stud.  

Can anyone tell me, do I have the wrong bumper guards?  Anyone know where I can get a pair of good rubbers?  Is drilling new holes in my chrome the best option?  

Thanks, as always

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I fixed the problem by - initially with some reluctance -  drilling two new holes in each bumper guard.  I measured the spacing between the studs built into the rubber, then with a tailor's cloth tape measure (metal tapes kink going around curves)  marked  where I needed two new holes in the guards.  One new hole is straightforward, but the one adjacent to the bumper-guard mounting stud is tricky.  I got the hole drilled at the "right" place, and it does provide a place to  bury the rubber stud.  That stud isn't long enough to get a nut on, but at least it enables  the curve of the rubber to match that of the guard. and prevents the rubber from moving laterally.  I then used a file to slightly lengthen the the original two holes.  

Drilling chrome isn't easy, but several whacks with a heavy hammer on a sharp punch gave me a place to start drilling.  After blunting the ends of a couple of common drill bits, I bought a 1/4 inch carbide bit (the jobber referred to it as a "locksmith" bit), and that got it done.  I think the result looks good; it's late and I'll post a photo(s) tomorrow.  

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