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Z problem - tach jumps around, car lurches and sputters, eventually stalls


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I've got another problem with my Z (1976 280z). It only happens sometimes, I think the first time it happened was after hard acceleration, but that doesn't seem to be necessary to trigger it anymore. When it happens the tach will jump like crazy, from say 4k to 7k (into the red zone), at the same time the car is lurching back and forth (corresponds with the tach). If I get going too slow, it just plain stalls. If I put it in park and start it back up it wil run fine.

I'm guessing this is a transmission problem, rather than electrical or fuel. Does anyone have any ideas on this? It makes sense, because it happens after the tranny has been stressed. It almost feels like it is trying to drop down a gear but misses, and keeps trying to shift.

Anyone thing I need a new tranny? I've heard of similar problems (there is one thread open about a similar problem right now), but those all seems to be tach only, and not reflect the cars actual state. Thanks for any advice ;)

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