Early Real Fairlady Z & '71 240Z Package Deal

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    I had every intention of restoring these but we're selling our river house and moving to the ocean, and I'm losing 90% of my parking areas. This is a true Japanese Fairlady Z, vin# S30-01036. VERY early car! The history I have is it was purchased originally by a GI in Japan, then a few years later he had Nissan or the dealer convert over to Left Hand Drive before shipping back to the states. 

    The original 2 liter engine, tranny, hood and headlight covers are out of the car and in storage (meaning I don't have possession of them yet) but I should be getting them over the next few months. No guarantees though. Long story, but the older man I got the car from was having some personal issues and it's not priority to get them for me (in storage several hours away from him). I'm pretty sure I will get them, just not sure when. If I do get them, I will contact whomever buys these and give them first right of refusal before selling on the open market. The car is missing some things, but that's where the '71 donor comes in (or restore that one and have 2 killer rides!). The '71 is pretty solid, but has been sitting for 20+ years outside. Motor was rebuilt just prior to putting it away years ago. The Fairlady is wearing an authentic Nissan factory G-nose which is in really good shape. The top panel needs 2 small repairs but the other 4 pieces are excellent. Correct original hood hinges as well. What you see is what you get, but it's an incredibly rare and sought after Z! I'm accepting offers, preferably to take both in one deal. Both cars are sold with a Bill of Sale only, but as you may know there are many avenues to get a title issued quite easily. Don't let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you up! The Fairlady Z could be converted back to RHD, but it's actually a more rare animal being a LHD conversion here in the states. My cell is (843) 267-3244. Please only call with serious questions/realistic offers. Thanks, Dan















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