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Butterscotch Headliner, windshield trim


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Very nice. Also, many other butterscotch trim pieces, some very nice, some are cracked. I will e-mail photos. Send me a list of the items you want. Have both door panels, buttescotch, they have 5.5" round speaker holes cut in them. No trans tunnel or luggage riser. Cherry rear hatch trim.

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If I read this right you are interested in both 1/4 windows, and P.S. rear quarter only, as the shock towers are already gone. None of the parts have red sunburn. The 1/4 windows do have cracks in the inner corners, no sunburn. One of the rear quarters is perfect, I have to check to see if it is the P.S.

The hatch vinyl is perfect, no sunburn. The tailight panel is perfect, no sunburn.

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I have all these pictures, with the cracks marked and all that. It is very time consuming to send all of them. I put in a lot of time doing this for another guy on this site who said he was interested in "all, everything", kind of like what you're saying. After I sent him all the pictures, he could not decide on anything and made no offer to buy anything.

Im not in the retail business. I will not become rich selling these parts. I am donating my time to help fellow Z keepers. Thats why I ask if you want something specific, o.k. Not that I will not email you 15 or 20 photos, I just hope you are serious about something before I put the time in. Thanks

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