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lipstick and pigs

go z racer, go

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I have written this in response to several posts in the past suggesting an expansion to this website's observed Z models. I argue as to why? Let us be. NOTE > As with most points of view, there exists a contrasting thought, so having said that, should you become offended, don't be, don't take me seriously, no one has yet.

For better or worse, the reliable (non technical) strength drawn from Nissan's (albeit licensed under Mercedes) L6 with it's distinctive growl and it's 1960s borrowed chassis has me hooked.

It's been my (humble and, limited at best mind you) experience observing the evolution of various Japanese sports cars that "more" isn't necessarily "better." The genius to produce an automotive package equal in class (to respective market), yet, more reliable and with a price tag reflected at a fraction of the established makers dissolves with time until your left with a "comfortable," "feature" ridden shadow. It's my belief, that the greed governed corporate generals apply pressure to the designers to improve on "the wheel."

To attract the masses, your advertising billboards need to shout "new and improved practicality" under a sports car banner. I can hear the designers now, "what have you done to my baby?" The once proud Greyhound, is now a pig adorned with lipstick.

Face it, only a few of us can truly appreciate driving a vehicle without "individual climate zone controls," or "voice activated" 22 speaker, 100 CD disk, 1,000 watt, digital surround sound system. No, we "endure" by hand operated window-cranks, and "button/knob controlled" AM/FM radios; 8 track if your lucky. Hand free cell phone appliance? Hell I can't even hear it ring, and that's with the windows rolled up! Wait, I just remembered I make a living sitting backwards in a fire truck with loud series all day...okay, scratch the last one off.

However, consider the following, me personally, as in sex (stay with me, I do have a point relevant to cell phone-driving), sex that's loud, physical, and demanding my complete attention is my idea of fun.....a ringing cell phone right in the middle of things will not enhance this moment (unless it's her bisexual girlfriend, but then that would be pure fantasy, more beer, or $50 bucks.....nope, more than likely I would have to turn the lights on and dig the dam cell phone out from my jeans, thus revealing her less than supermodel looks and my Johnson leaving no doubt as to why I'm not a porn star--- just as in driving, my F1 pit stop would reveal a red light two blocks from work). I realize for some, that may have been a long walk as far as analogies are concerned, but do ya follow me? "Hard work" (sorry for the cheap pun) is relative.

Look, maybe it's just me, but I like driving Z cars, not ZX, ZXT, or even ZXTTs. Just "Z " cars, respectively.---Jerry


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