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Hey all, I really like the site, it's one of the nicest I have seen yet. I have been browsing the web looking at 240z's...I have always liked all of the z's, one day eventually I would like to own a 300zxtt, but for the time being I want something older, I like the "old school" import cars. I recently was in love with the e30 bmw m3 (88-91) but I realize that parts and maintenance are expensive on those cars. I am wondering, are the older z's the same way? Are they dependable for a every day driver if I can find one thats in decent shape? I need something that I can start driving as my main vehicle so I can put my modded Acura Integra up in the garage and keep it put away. Thanks for any help/tips on my newfound like of the early z!

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You probably won't get an unbiased answer asking here. The general consensus among members here is probably that 1st generation Z cars are a) reliable B) easy to repair c) inexpensive to repair. There is a good supply of both aftermarket and OEM replacement parts. The mechanical stuff has always been easy to deal with and the L series engines are regarded as very solid.

The biggest problem with early Z cars tends to be rust. I'd read all of the old discussions about where to look and what to look for as well as what's easy to repair and what's not before even considering making a purchase.

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