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Technotoy bolt in camber plates

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I checked the search feature but not much came up.  Anybody here do the install for this?  Their  latest version has 3 pieces and a bunch of bolts.  Very nice quality anodized parts.  No instructions so I asked and they sent some nice pictures but they appear to be for an earlier version with everything mounted underneath the strut towers.  The top billet piece has all the hash marks for indexing where the settings are but if it goes underneath like the pics you cant see them. I am waiting on a clarification from them but thot I would see if anyone on here has done an install.   I chose bolt in because I didn't want to weld in that area of the car, especially on the  rear ones inside the car.  Being a bit of a clutz sometimes I didn't want to risk ruining the car or burning it to the ground. I checked utube and there isn't any Z specific videos on the subject. Any tips or help will be appreciated. Thanks

P.S.  Just heard back from 3T.  He said that the camber plates need to be under the tower tops or I cant mount the strut tower braces I also bought from them. Good to know but seems a shame to hide most of the nice looking billet.  I still wouldn't mind hearing from anyone who has done the install as its nice to know any provblems that may occur.

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