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I am in the interesting situation of going from auto to manual and with so many different combinations of diffs and boxes I'm confused as to what to do. Basically, I want to end up with a kick-ars road car that also travels on the Highway at reasonably low rpm. Any ideas? One guy said just to change the box from the current auto to a 280zx manual and all would be sweet. Would this make it sluggish off the line though?? Is an r200 LSD really worth the $$$'s???? Help!! I'm SO confused....:stupid:

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I am at a bit of a disadvantage as I do not know what you drive. but the best combination is as your friend stated for most normally aspirated classic Zeds pre 1984. The reason for the zx 5speed is because it has the right hardware and it is a B series box with age on its side, and the ratios are not to bad. The R200 comes in a number of guises but what you need is the large center 4 pinion LSD. I run the 3.9 ratio on mine ( the allrounder). You need to sit down at this point and determine the ratio you want. Nearly all of the R200 ratio,s can be found in Australia.



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So with a 3.9 what box would be best? Can you get 3.7's in Aus? Can you get LSD 3.7 / 3.9's and what cars were these two ratios available in.. I wanna grab one from a wreckers yard!!!

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