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lighted Toggle Switches

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If you needed to be able to direct power between different devices, like Fog or Spot lamps, or a pair of 12V power jacks,  you can use an ordinary SPDT toggle switch.  But if you wanted a visual indicator, a toggle switch with a pair of integrated colored lights or a dual-colored LED would be nice, especially at night- you wouldn't want to switch on Spot lights when you want the Fog lights....


I suppose you could put some small colored lamps or LEDs next to the power jack or the toggle switch so you can tell which way the switch is flipped, but having the light integrated into the switch simplifies things a lot.


I think you can get  modern rocker switches with neat little pictures that light up, but it wouldn't look right on the S30.  They are usually only a single color too (a tiny red or blue LED.)


I saw a toggle switch at the AP store once, and it had a clear plastic handle, which lit up white,  but it was always white no matter which way you flipped it.


Is there a source of dual-colored, illuminated 12V, 15A toggle switch?


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Tomohawk, there are tons of options for lighted rocker switches.  I swear by them for the exact reasons you stated.  I pick mine up from an industrial/commercial electrical supply store called Orvac's.


When I was running my L28ET with methanol injection, I had a rocker over the fuse panel cover to switch between timing/fueling maps.  When lit it helped remind me that I was on my race gas blend map.


The image below is a rocker I am using now for my high speed fan switch which is located on the passenger side of the car.  I had to use the flash to show the rocker and tone down the LED.  It is BRIGHT.


I don't know about a dual colored toggle though.  You might check out Waytekwire (


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