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Last Feb. I bought a '71 Z with the intention of rebuilding it with a modded turbo motor and such. Then in May I was given a wonderful gift: A race car. Ok, it's not a Z (BMW >2002tii), but it's a race car non-the-less.

BUT, I can't afford both the race car and the extra Z (I have another one I'm keeping). So I've been trying to sell it, without many calls.

I bought it for $1k, with a bunch of extra parts like PERFECT interior panels, seats, and dash. Plus doors, hatch, and some misc. lights and other parts. The left front is lightly damaged, but I have a new hood, fender, and headlight bucket to fix it. The hood and fender are still in thier boxes. There is some light rust in the usual places, but it's not bad and the floor and frame rails are solid. I've been trying to sell it for $1200/obo. I am keeping the dash and some interior panels though. It also sat for 10 years and wasn't started until I got it home. It's not driveable but could be very easily.

So, without much action on this thing, should I part it out? It's got good carbs, an E31, the dash is only cracked in two spots, etc... How much could I get out of it if I part it out? What to I do with the body afterwards? I really don't want to see, and be the cause of, another Z dying. Anthony

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