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Rear early 260 bumper

Chris Russell

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can anyone tell me if the rear bumber guard are interchangable left and right. I need new ones. I can spot no obvious difference between the two, but when I look in Victoria British catalog they have a listing for the right hand side only. Oh, another thing I just noticed, they list them for 119.95 US$ . So now my next question, does anyone have a restored, or restorable pair of these they are willing to part with? Thanks all.

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The rear bumper guards, or overriders as Nissan / Datsun referred to them, are NOT interchangeable side to side.

Additionally, you have the different styles according to the year of the vehicle.

Look closely at the sides that contact the face of the bumper. On one side you will note that there is an extra cutout shaped like the letter "D". This is to accomodate the rubber strip on the bumper.

Now if you have the "European" (Sorry Alan) style bumpers that did not come with the rubber strip, still look at the bumper guard from a top down view. You will note a very subtle difference in the length of the sides. This is to accomodate the subtle curve of the bumper. The Left (or Driver) side has the longer side on the outside or Left side, the right is reversed.

There were two styles just for the 240's, at least as far as the U.S. goes.

The Early style had a longer bottom section than the later ones. The later ones were taller on top of the bumper. The early style were more reminiscent of the front guards. The rubber is also not interchangeable.

Hope this helps.

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