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Where to purchase complete Door Locks set with keys (2 doors and hatch)


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My 1972 240z needs urgent replacement of the 2 door locks with keys. The already bought the ignition switch which is really worn. Where can i purchase a set that includes the driver and passenger door together with the hatch lock with one key for all the locks? I have been looking on ebay but have only found some guys at thailand and singapore which dont seem to respond to any query.

Please advised i will preferably like to invest in OEM nissan genuine door lock set.

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When I re-did my locks, my best option seemed to be to buy the OEM hatch lock (NOS), buy the overseas reproduction door locks, remove my ignition lock, and take the pile of parts to a locksmith to have the ignition cylinder (internal part that turns, not the whole assembly) replaced with a Taiwanese cylinder (which they all are), and everything re-keyed to the hatch lock. There were two different key blank styles, and he had to make them all agree. (I think he might have replaced the hatch lock cylinder, but I can't remember.)

FAIW, the Taiwanese parts have been OK. They needed a bit of fine oil lube in the beginning.

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