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weber carb setups


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i have a 260Z with what i was told was a '78 2.8L motor. it's setup with the twin hitachis from the 2.6L motor right now. the hitachis both need new floats and need to be rebuilt. the cost in parts is like $80 from autozone, so i was thinking of switching to webers. i'm also concerned about vapor lock issues since Arkansas has such a hot and humid summer/fall. i eventually want triple weber DCOEs (already have 1), but i didn't think this setup would be a good idea for a stock motor. i was considering the weber DGV conversion. i know i could get the ford manufactured DGVs (DGAV i think from the pinto) pretty cheaply around here. pierce offers a manifold and linkage kit, and they've also been popping up on ebay lately.

so what would be a good setup to go with, rebuild the hitachis, dual DGVs, or triple DCOEs?

thanks everyone!

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