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Met a great Z couple today!


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Hi all!

It sure it weird to see pictures of my car on the webbernets...

Way too cool to realise I had been followed all the way across town by someone who wanted to see the car, and then to spend what was it...? Two hours, I think that night standing in a total-stranger-turned-friend's garage talking Zs with him and his son...wow!

Bruce, sorry to have lost touch with you, and glad to have reconnected here!

Have been studying the tuning book, as well as work obligations and things for the upcoming holidays has kept me busy since we got back home. :)

When things quiet down (hopefully) after Christmas, I should be poking my head in more often, and can post some more pics from the trip, as well.

Darrel, thank you for the offer, but I'm afraid we missed you by one day...


Great to see you on the site, hope the tuning manual will help you to dominate in your future autocross events. I believe it was closer to 3 hours but when talking cars (bench racing) it is easy to loose track of time. The Z is back in storage for the winter and the FJ40 project is well on it's way. I am currently sourcing and fitting the power steering upgrade parts. Have fun! JLP

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