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License plate woes


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Here in Florida, we have the option of using a year-matching license plate on our over 25 yr. old cars. I had a 70-71 plate that was correct for my county on my '71. The plate is yours as long as you own the car. Well, back in July 2012, I unfortunately wrecked the '71. Got my agreed valuation from my insurance, and proceeded to purchase a '72 240. I had taken the plate from the '71 to return it to the friend who gave it to me. He traded me the '72 plate for my new toy. I sent the plate to DMV in Tallahassee with the requisite form and a check. They 'authenticate' the plate to make sure it is original and not restored. A month went by, no plate. My check had been cashed however. Then I got a notice to send a copy of my license, insurance card, and an additional $25. Complied with that. another month, still no plate. New check also cashed. Went online and found I could email a question or concern, and they would reply within 2 days. Sent them the story, and sure enough, 2 days later, got a reply. "CUSTOMER SERVICE RESPONSE: Thank you for your inquiry. Our records show the title for VIN HLS3023766 was cancelled due to an Out of State title on February 16, 2013. Please provide the license plate number. We hope this information will assist you." That VIN was for my '71. The insurance co. had the title and they are in Ohio. Absolutely no reference to my '72 plate. Luckily, they provide a phone number for further help. These maroons are gonna hear from me.

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